Aldi has announced it will add more than 60 new own-label organic products to its supermarkets in Germany.

The retailer said the expanded product line – which includes dried fruits, yogurts, breakfast cereals and milk – will make it possible for consumers to complete their entire weekly shop by purchasing just organic goods.

Within Aldi Süd, the number of organic products on sale will increase from around 240 to about 310 by the end of the year. The supermarket said the availability of products may vary by season and region.

At Aldi Nord, the retailer’s GutBio organic range will be increased to around 350 products by the end of 2018.

Aldi said that during the past decade it has continually expanded its organic portfolio. Its most popular organic products are milk, meat, fruits, vegetables and eggs.

A spokesperson from Aldi Süd said: “We put a lot of emphasis on the sustainable and trustworthy production of our goods, and our controls pay particular attention to their origin and quality.

“With the expansion of our organic range, we make our contribution to environmental and animal welfare, because sustainability and careful use of resources are very important for Aldi.”

The supermarket added that the availability of such a large selection of organic products can only be achieved through a close and trusting cooperation with its suppliers.


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