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5 “hidden” tech tricks, including Siri selfies and Netflix codes

The one at Starbucks. Even McDonald’s and Chipotle agree. I’m referring to those fad-favorite secret menus where you may order items that the majority of other people are unaware even exist. Examples? $6 for Starbucks McDonald’s “Land, Sea, and Air Burger,” Chipotles’ “Quesarito,” and “Lavendar Haze,” all of which were inspired by Taylor Swift.

There is a virtual feast of hidden stuff that your favourite gadgets can offer up, too, even though a Big Mac mashup of “all the meats” isn’t really my cup of tea.

Here are five brilliant “hidden menu” tips, tricks, and tech-life hacks to really brighten your day, from taking hands-free selfies with a simple Siri query to guiding you back to the precise area you parked your car.

Unlock thousands of “secret” titles with Netflix codes

Do you notice how there never seems to be anything worthwhile to stream these days? Thousands of titles in every genre are unlocked by secret Netflix category codes that are virtually impossible to find in any other manner.

Everything is available, from campy oldies and action-packed adventures to funny hits. The codes, according to the business, began when Netflix began mailing DVDs and have now grown to more than 36,000 and counting.

Finding them is made simple by using Netflix’s Tudum website or another website that curates and routinely updates them, like Netflix-Codes or What’s On Netflix.

Cast your images to a large screen.

When everyone has to assemble around your smartphone to view your holiday images, it isn’t very enjoyable. Casting images, videos, movies, and other anything from your dependable pocket robot to a larger screen is simple. Here is how you do it:

Check to see if your TV and smartphone are on the same WiFi network. Your settings on both devices should make it simple to accomplish this.

On an iPhone model 10 or later:

From the top-right corner of the screen, swipe downward

Tap Mirror Your Screen

From the list, choose your TV.

Open Photographs, select an album, such as Family Travel, then select SlideShow by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Done!

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