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8 Caribbean locations with the cheapest flights are ideal for beach vacations.

The Caribbean Islands have long been popular vacation spots for Americans due to their lovely beaches and sunny climate.

Despite the fact that some islands are more expensive to visit than others and that summer’s travel prices are higher than they were before the outbreak, it’s not too difficult to plan a trip to the Caribbean while staying within your means. To find the Caribbean airports that cost the least to fly to from Chicago, New York, and Miami, U.S. News examined fares.

She advised either adhering to the agreement and planning your vacation accordingly, or travelling in the off-peak and shoulder seasons.

About 300 beaches may be found in Puerto Rico, many of which are pristine local favourites and can occasionally be reached by ship or hike. When you’re not at the beach, take in the island’s Old World architecture, friendly people, lush jungles, and mouthwatering cuisine. From July and November, a round-trip flight from the United States to San Juan Airport typically costs roughly $300.

Despite not being recognised for having all-inclusive resorts, Lawal claimed that there are hotels available for nearly every price range. “Furthermore, there are options like Airbnb. Also, renting a car and navigating most of the major routes are simple. Just be aware that San Juan occasionally has terrible traffic.”

The Dominican Republic, the second-largest nation in the Caribbean and a popular vacation spot for East Coasters, is home to numerous all-inclusive resorts. Many outdoor pursuits are available on the typically sunny island, including ziplining, surfing, and snorkelling. Travelers can go on a tour of the entire island for an average price of $367 for a roundtrip flight to Santo Domingo.

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