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Will King Charles III’s coronation be attended by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan?

Prince Harry may attend the historic occasion despite disputes within the royal family because King Charles III’s administration has contacted him regarding the coronation of … Read more
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The 1.9 million automobiles under recall include Ford and Honda models. Look here for recalls.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the most recent car recalls concern windscreen wipers that can break, seat belts that might not … Read more
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According to sources, Dollar Tree has ceased selling eggs due to the “extremely high” prices.

According to reports, Dollar Tree has removed eggs off its shop shelves due to their high price. A spokeswoman for Dollar Tree said to several … Read more
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Biden vetoes a congressional measure on “woke” investment in his first act as president.

After House voted to stop a Labor Department regulation allowing retirement plans to consider the long-term effects of social elements and climate change on investments … Read more

Home market: Single-family building increased in February after months of decrease.

Due to a rise in apartment construction and a little increase in single-family house starts, home development in the United States increased by over 10% … Read more
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Amazon keeps cutting jobs: CEO Jassy said a tech giant will eliminate 9,000 more workers.

As part of its second round of recent large-scale layoffs, Amazon said on Monday that it will be eliminating another 9,000 jobs. According to a … Read more
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Toontown at Disneyland has recently undergone a significant renovation. Find out what’s new.

Little children won’t be short of exciting attractions at Disneyland. But what about comfortable, shaded benches where parents may unwind? They are more difficult to … Read more
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Frank Del Rio, president of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, is retiring.

Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., revealed on Monday that he will retire this summer after working in the … Read more