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About comments about her weight, Ariana Grande said, “The unhealthiest version of my body.”

After her physical appearance underwent scrutiny from fans, Ariana Grande is now speaking out about her health.

As an apparent response to social media followers who recently remarked on the singer’s slimmer body, Grande addressed worries about her weight in a TikTok video that was published on Tuesday.

No matter what, Grande argued, “I think we should be nicer and less comfortable remarking on people’s bodies.” “I think we should support each other in finding ways to congratulate someone or to disregard anything that you notice that you don’t like. We should work to make ourselves and one another safer.

The “Positions” singer continued, “There are many different ways to look healthy and attractive” and claimed that her former physical appearance represented a dysfunctional period in her life.

The unhealthiest form of my body was the one to which you have been comparing my present-day physique. While I looked the way you would consider healthy, I was taking a lot of antidepressants, drinking heavily while taking them, eating terribly, and at my lowest point in life. But that wasn’t actually healthy for me.

“I realise that I shouldn’t have to justify that. Yet, I do think that by being honest and vulnerable here, something positive might result.

Grande urged her fans not to pass judgement on other people’s bodies because “you never know what someone is going through.”

Even if you are coming from a loving and compassionate place, Grande added, the individual is likely working on it or has a support system with whom they are working on it. Be kind to one another and to yourself, then.

“I consider you to be gorgeous. No matter what you’re dealing with,” she wrote in her post’s conclusion. No matter what weight you are, how you like to wear cosmetics these days, whether you’ve had cosmetic surgery or not, or anything else.

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