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According to Google Flights, this is the most popular summer travel destination.

Need some inspiration for your next summer travels? Google Flights reports that many Americans desire to travel to Europe this summer.

In order to determine which locations were the most often visited during the months of June and August, the flight search engine examined search data between December 22 and March 22. This year, London is at the top of the list, followed by Cancun, Paris, Orlando, and Rome.

Orlando, Cancun, Las Vegas, London, and New York took the top five rankings last summer, demonstrating that Americans are prepared to resume their vacation abroad.

Tokyo (now that Japan has reopened its borders), Barcelona, and Dublin are among international cities that made this year’s list but not 2022’s.

Also, the search engine reports that requests for passports “just touched an all-time high in the U.S.” However, the wait times for passports are still long; for normal service, they will take 10–13 weeks, while expedited service will take 7–9 weeks.

Google also identified “solo travel for women” and “solo cruises,” which have both more than doubled in popularity in the United States over the previous year. Travelers searching alone are particularly interested in places like Japan, New Orleans, Iceland, Mexico City, and Italy.

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