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According to reports, parents who are late for their flight abandon their baby at the check-in desk and rush to the gate to board.

According to multiple reports, a couple abandoned their baby at an airport check-in desk in Israel after arriving without a ticket for the infant.

The incident occurred Tuesday in Tel Aviv while the parents, who have not been identified by authorities, were checking in for a Ryanair flight from Ben-Gurion International Airport to Belgium with the infant, according to the Israeli Airport Authority, which confirmed the incident to CNN and Israeli outlet N12 News.

According to a Ryanair spokesperson, the couple, who were flying from Tel Aviv to Brussels, arrived at check-in without a ticket for their infant.

“They then proceeded to security, leaving the infant at check-in,” according to the outlet, adding that the airport check-in agent contacted airport security, who retrieved the passengers.

Ryanair could not be reached for comment immediately.

Infants aged 8 days to 23 months must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or older, according to Ryanair’s website. Ryanair does not allow infants under the age of seven days to fly.

The child’s age was not immediately known.

I’m running late for a flight.

The Israeli Airport Authority, which could not be reached immediately, told the outlets that a couple and an infant with Belgian passports arrived at the gate after the flight’s check-in had closed.

“The couple left the infant seat with the baby and ran toward security checks at Terminal 1 in an attempt to reach the flight’s boarding gate,” officials said.

There are no charges pending.

According to an Israel Police spokesman, the situation appeared to be resolved by the time police arrived. “The baby was with the parents, and no further investigation is underway,” he told the outlet.

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