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After BAFTA rap criticism, Angela Bassett and Jamie Lee Curtis took action to support Ariana DeBose.

Ariana DeBose’s rap about the nominated ladies at the BAFTA Awards last weekend went viral and drew loud naysayers, but Angela Bassett and Jamie Lee Curtis are letting it be known that they actually appreciated it.

“Angela Bassett did the thing,” the Oscar-winning “West Side Story” actress rapped about “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” lead Bassett.

She adored it so much that Bassett made a point of starting her statement with the same phrase on Saturday when she accepted the NAACP Image Award for entertainer of the year: “I guess Angela Bassett did the thing!”

Bassett claimed that the speech was her attempt to influence how the general audience felt about the performance.

It initially appeared one way, according to Bassett. But I added, “Hang on, be patient—it might turn. It has also started to change for the better. to be a lovely occasion. the two of us. And I’m overjoyed because I adored it.

In the BAFTA crowd, Curtis could be seen swaying to DeBose’s wrap.

Really, I have no idea what online mania was about. They must really examine themselves if that is what is causing the panic. It is absurd.

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