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Airbnb introduces Airbnb Rooms, a new category of affordable listings.

Ahead of the busy summer travel season, it can be more difficult to get cheap flights, but Airbnb is focusing on room rentals as an affordable alternative.

According to a statement released on Wednesday, Airbnb is introducing a new category for private rooms in other people’s homes called Airbnb Rooms.

According to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Brian Chesky, “With Airbnb Rooms, we’re getting back to the idea that started it all – back to our founding ethos of sharing.” “Airbnb Rooms are the most genuine way to explore a city and are frequently more economical than hotels. This is what makes Airbnb tick.

In 2022, the average nightly fee for private rooms on the site will be $67, with over 80% of them costing less than $100. On Wednesday, the business unveiled updated “type of place” and pricing filters that make it simpler to view typical rates for different types of lodging and switch between possibilities.

What might visitors anticipate from Airbnb Rooms?

While the platform has offered room rentals in homes before, listings in the Airbnb Rooms category include a Host Passport, which can provide guests with additional information about the host they will be staying with. Users can view the information that hosts choose to provide about themselves, such as their occupation, place of education, and other facts.

According to the press release, each ad would also “clearly indicate” whether bedroom doors have locks and whether there are private or shared restrooms. Prospective guests can also check to see whether anyone else will be present in addition to the host.

All of the listings in this category also provide access to communal spaces like living rooms and yards.

How can I reserve a room on Airbnb?

By selecting “Rooms” while browsing accommodations on Airbnb’s website and mobile app, travellers can make reservations for Airbnb Rooms.

Additional Airbnb changes

Based on customer input, the business unveiled over 50 more innovations and improvements to price transparency, user interface, and other areas in addition to Airbnb Rooms.

All users can now view the total cost, including all fees and taxes, upfront, at every stage of the transaction, including in search results, on listing pages, and on maps. Following complaints of hidden fees, Airbnb started implementing that feature for some guests in nations without existing price display requirements last year.

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