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Amazon introduces Inspire, a shopping feed akin to TikTok that accepts both images and videos

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A TikTok-like shopping experience is coming to the Amazon app. Inspire, a new short-form video and photo feed that enables users to browse items and ideas and make purchases from content made by influencers, brands, and other users, was just launched, the firm announced today. The purpose of the function is to divert consumers’ attention away from TikTok and other apps where brands may directly market to users in order to increase sales on Amazon.com.

The store announced that the shopping function will be made available to a small number of U.S. customers in early December before being made widely available in the months that follow.

Customers must download the Amazon Shopping app and press the Inspire icon to begin using the service. They are asked to select from more than 20 interests when they first launch the app in order to customise their Inspire feed, with choices for things like beauty, gardening, gaming, pets, travel and furniture, clothing and much more.

Inspire, which specializes in short-form video content but also supports photographs, functions somewhat like a cross between TikTok and Instagram. Similar to Instagram, you may double-tap any place on the display screen to give it a red heart “like” by doing so. However, utilizing TikTok’s vertically video feed, wherein you swipe up from the bottom for the next video, is quite similar to how you navigate through the Inspire experience. Additionally, engagement buttons are located to the right side of the app.

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