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Amazon keeps cutting jobs: CEO Jassy said a tech giant will eliminate 9,000 more workers.

As part of its second round of recent large-scale layoffs, Amazon said on Monday that it will be eliminating another 9,000 jobs.

According to a letter from CEO Andy Jassy to staff members, the firm will be focusing on positions in its cloud computing section, human resources division, advertising, and Twitch.

In his note, Jassy said, “This was a difficult choice, but one that we think is best for the organisation going forward. “(We want to be) leaner while yet being able to spend strongly in the important long-term consumer experiences,”

Why is Amazon laying people off?

The announcement came just after Amazon cut roughly 18,000 jobs.

According to Jassy’s letter, despite adding “a significant number of headcount” recently, Amazon has chosen to cut expenses and personnel in order to protect the business against market volatility.

A lot of tech giants have been forced to reduce personnel after hiring frenzys in the early stages of the pandemic due to rising interest rates. After removing 11,000 positions in 2022, Facebook’s parent company Meta just announced plans to slash another 10,000 jobs, while Google stated in January that it will be reducing another 12,000 jobs.

Amazon PXT: What is it?

According to Jassy’s letter, the impacted Amazon teams must select which positions will be removed by mid- to late-April.

The impacted teams are:

Advertisement Amazon Web Services, or AWS, the company’s cloud computing business PXT (People, Experience, and Technology), Amazon’s human resources division AWS Twitch, a service for live-streaming video games

How many jobs are being lost in technology?

According to Layoffs.fyi, a company that has tracked tech layoffs since March 2020, more than 500 major companies have fired more than 139,000 workers so far this year.

At 11:57 a.m. Eastern time, Amazon shares were down 2.06% from the previous day, trading at $96.92.

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