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Apple is reportedly planning to eliminate some corporate retail roles after being struck by a tech hiring wave.

According to unnamed sources cited by Bloomberg and Insider on Monday, the tech giant is eliminating positions within the division in charge of creating and maintaining Apple retail shops, and impacted staff have until the end of the week to seek for new positions inside the business.

Apple had not up to now been affected by the tsunami of layoffs that has been sweeping through the IT sector since last year. Many large major companies, like Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Alphabet, have recently slashed tens of thousands of jobs.

The number of workers who will be impacted by the layoffs is unknown, however Bloomberg stated that it “is likely extremely minimal.”

As of September, Apple employed 164,000 employees worldwide, per a regulatory filing.

According to both sources, the iPhone manufacturer is presenting the layoffs as a measure to enhance shop maintenance.

Tech job cuts are ongoing

In recent months, the tech industry has experienced extensive layoffs as a result of a widespread hiring surge. In March, Amazon announced that it will be making 9,000 job cuts as part of its most recent wave of large-scale layoffs.

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