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Are you making this critical Wi-Fi mistake?

I understand the frustration of a slow internet connection because you pay a lot for it. It’s not always the fault of your ISP. Here are some common Wi-Fi blunders.

Having guests over? They’ll want to use your Wi-Fi, but giving out your password repeatedly is inconvenient. Learn how to use technology. Display a QR code in your home that automatically signs in visitors to your home network.

If a hacker gains access to your home network, they can now access your personal information. Is it better to make your home Wi-Fi network public or private? You might be surprised by the answer.

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It is not what you believe.

Isn’t having your home Wi-Fi network set to private the most secure option? That is not the case. But don’t be misled by the sloppy terminology.

When you are connected to your home network and have it set to private on your computer, your computer is discoverable by other devices on the same network. So, in this case, public Wi-Fi is more secure than private Wi-Fi. Yes, you read that correctly!

If you want to share files or send documents to a family member on the same network or to your home printer, your network must be set to private.

When you set your network to private, your printer will recognise and connect to your computer in order to receive the documents you want to print. Isn’t it as clear as mud?

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