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Are you up for a challenge? Take this unique expedition voyage to the North Pole.

You can still go to the North Pole in style even if you can’t board the fictional Polar Express. According to news released by Abercrombie & Kent on Tuesday, a new expedition cruise will soon be available that will allow travellers to visit the northernmost point on the planet.

Passengers on the North Pole Expedition Cruise: The Ultimate Frontier will travel for more than two weeks aboard the opulent icebreaker Le Commandant Charcot, which Ponant will rent.

According to Stefanie Schmudde, vice president of product development and operations at A&K, “we have taken what not too long ago was a long, arduous expedition, and transformed it into a luxury adventure, featuring A&K’s Expedition Team made up of the foremost Polar cruising experts, aboard “Le Commandant Charcot,” one of the world’s most cutting-edge and eco-friendly polar expedition vessels.”

Where will the North Pole expedition ship A&K depart from?

Visitors will board the ship in Longyearbyen in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard after boarding a charter flight from Oslo. In order to reach the marginal ice zone, where they can see wildlife like beluga whales, they will cruise by the Sjuyane islands.

The firm stated: “Upon selecting the most advantageous course through the pack ice, the skipper strives to put the GPS antennae of “Le Commandant Charcot” directly on 90° North latitude, the coordinate marking the physical North Pole,” as the ship approaches the sailing’s named destination.

On the helideck of the ship, guests will raise a glass of champagne in celebration of their arrival. The following day, the captain will search for floating ice so that visitors can disembark with the expedition team for pictures and possibly a polar dive before sailing home.

Visitors can attend lectures, courses on seamanship and polar survival, cuisine demonstrations, and other programming while aboard the voyage. If the weather permits, visitors might even be able to stroll on the ice or kayak in Artic canals, according to the news release.

Also, there are indoor and outdoor pools, a salon, and a spa on board.

How much is the North Pole expedition cruise offered by A&K?

According to A&K’s website, the price of the trip now starts at $47,995 per person depending on double occupancy. The trip includes hotel stays before and after the cruise, transportation to and from the airport, meals prepared with French influences, gratuities, and more. Flights are not included in the ticket.

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