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Authorities in Los Angeles have reported that rapper Theophilus London is missing.

Authorities said Wednesday that rapper and singer Theophilus London was reported missing after his family lost “complete contact” with him this year.

London, 35, was last seen in the Skid Row neighbourhood of Los Angeles in October, according to police.

“The person reporting and Theophilus’ family members lost complete contact with him in October of 2022,” according to a statement from Los Angeles police.

They went on to say that he hadn’t been seen since and that his family was worried.

Secretly, a music label that has worked with London, said in a separate statement released Wednesday that his friends and family have been working to piece together his whereabouts over the last few weeks. According to the statement, the last time anyone reported speaking with him was in July.

London’s family travelled to Los Angeles on Tuesday to file a missing persons report, according to the statement, and they are now asking for the public’s assistance in finding him.

“Your Father loves you, Theo,” his father said in the statement. “We’re missing you. And all of your friends and family are looking for you. Send us a signal from wherever you are. We’ll come get you no matter what.

London was born in Trinidad and Tobago before relocating to New York City. “Timez Are Weird These Days,” his debut album, was released in 2011.

Raekwon, Azealia Banks, and others have collaborated with London. He received a Grammy nomination for “All Day,” a song he recorded with Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, in 2015.

London’s third album, 2020’s “Bebey,” was released on his own label, My Bebey Records.

In an interview with Complex that year, he compared the move to “building a house on my own land rather than sleeping in a hotel for the rest of my life.”

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