Bliss and Zack discuss the "Love is Blind" finale wedding: "I don't consider myself as a backup plan," - News Certain Network

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Bliss and Zack discuss the “Love is Blind” finale wedding: “I don’t consider myself as a backup plan,”

No one compares to Bliss Poureetezadi.

The fan-favorite cupcake-baking competitor finally said “I do” to Zack Goytowski in the Season 4 conclusion of the Netflix dating experiment “Love is Blind” (all episodes are currently streaming).

For the show, which challenges participants to go on dates within walled-off “pods” where they can’t see each other, the couple’s love story was unheard-of. In less than two months, if they become engaged, they will meet in person, live together, and decide whether to get married.

Without having met before, Zack and Bliss clicked right away. Irina Solomonova, the de facto villain of Season 4, was plainly unimpressed by him from the time they first met, but in a surprise turn of events, he proposed to her. Within a week, Zack and Irina called off their engagement after growing quickly envious of one another.

Zack made contact with Bliss from his Seattle home and proposed a meeting place at a restaurant where he apologised for his error. Then after a few dates that were depicted in the middle of the season, she decided to attempt their relationship again, and they soon got engaged.

Bliss stood out for her self-assurance, intelligence, and compassion in a season rife with scheming and roving glances. Because of this, many Twitter users complained that she was Zack’s “second choice” and that he didn’t deserve her when she took him back.

Yet she has a different perspective. “I don’t consider myself a backup option. This tale represents a second chance to me “Bliss states in a conversation. “It’s not as if when they were together, Irina was the only one who desired an end to the relationship, and he said, “Well, I don’t have anyone.” I’ll probably go with Bliss, my second pick. I’ve worked so hard to develop my capacity for forgiveness. This situation presents me with what I believe to be a really lovely opportunity to do just that—to accept grace.”

I didn’t truly have a direct channel of communication with Zack, Bliss. The producers contacted me when he messaged them. It was undoubtedly unexpected. I was unsure of what to expect because I had already said, “OK, you’re going to go through the process of moving forward,” and I was also unsure of his motivations for scheduling the meeting.

You would have had every right to tell him to f—- off. Why did you reply “yes”?

We had forged such a solid bond in the pods; we genuinely loved one another. I’m open to conversations and second chances, and if I hadn’t cared so much about him, I simply wouldn’t have gone (to the restaurant). When we were in the pods together, Zack’s openness to me was one of the things I truly valued. He never made an effort to mislead me or hide his relationship with another girl from me. As a result, I was prepared to give him a chance to talk to me since I believed I could trust him.

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