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Chris Sununu, the governor of New Hampshire, has taken a significant step towards running for president.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has taken the most significant step yet in his presidential campaign, launching a national political organisation that has become a popular tool for prospective presidential candidates testing the waters.

On Wednesday, the governor confirmed to NBC News that he had formed the “Live Free or Die” committee (named after his state’s nickname), a 501(c)(4) organisation where politicians can raise unlimited funds. Donations are not required to be disclosed, and prospective candidates frequently use these political nonprofits to gauge donor interest.

Sununu’s decision comes after he publicly teased entering the GOP primary, which officially begins with a first-in-the-nation contest in his home state, giving him automatic name ID and familiarity.

“I’m excited to talk about New Hampshire’s successes: lowering taxes, expanding educational options for parents and children, and creating opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive.” “Sununu told NBC News in a statement. “What we’ve done in New Hampshire is a great model for the federal government, particularly in terms of promoting the conservative principles of limited government, local control, and individual responsibility.”

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike Pence have joined Sununu in forming such a committee. Haley is widely expected to declare her candidature for president next week.

According to his office, Sununu will be in Washington from Feb. 8 to 12 for the National Governors Association winter meeting, and while there, he is expected to discuss committee-related efforts. On his new organisation, he is collaborating with Republican political strategist Brian McCabe and the DCI Group in Washington.

“As a New Hampshire resident, I am proud of what Governor Sununu has done to lower taxes, expand educational opportunities, and grow our economy — all while working with a divided state legislature and an independent voting bloc.” “McCabe made the announcement in a statement. “If Republicans are to be successful in 2024 and beyond, we must make a generational shift in how we communicate our conservative values. Governor Sununu has been successful in bringing all parties together to get things done for the people of New Hampshire, and if there is anything I can do to assist him in communicating those successes to a broader audience, I would gladly do so.”

Sununu recently questioned Trump’s and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ candidatures in an interview with NBC News. Sununu believes Trump would lose to President Joe Biden in a rematch in 2024, and that DeSantis’ governing style would be too authoritarian if applied to a national government.

“On November 22, America said loud and clear that they are tired of the Washington drama and the lack of results. “They don’t want to get into political retaliation,” Sununu said. “As a governor who is elected every two years, there is a sense that we can provide leadership.”

According to New Hampshire political operatives, the media-friendly Sununu, who was recently elected to his fourth two-year term, could operate in a different lane than Trump and DeSantis, who have hung a large part of their messaging on the culture wars.

“Chris can do that really well, and he’s proven it,” Renee Plummer, a longtime influential GOP insider in New Hampshire who now claims to be bipartisan, said. “Chris is an excellent photographer… He just has that ‘it’ factor that you look for. He has no issue with people who dislike him. He’s an excellent candidate. I don’t believe you can learn what Chris Sununu possesses — he’s a natural.”

According to a spokesman, the Live Free or Die committee is “dedicated to promoting New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die Spirit, prioritising conservative values, and framing the national conversation in order to meaningfully engage and inspire the next generation of Americans.”

501(c)(4) organisations, so named because of their location in the tax code, have become increasingly popular for prospective presidential candidates in recent years. Pence, who is openly considering a presidential run in 2024, founded Advancing American Freedom two years ago, and some other potential GOP candidates have followed suit.

These nonprofit groups, dubbed “dark money” committees by critics, are allowed to engage directly in politics, including supporting candidates, and are not required to publicly disclose their donors. They risk losing their tax-exempt status if the primary purpose of their activities is politics — a difficult standard to define.

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