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Cryptocurrencies of the World

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The most frequently Googled crypto currency globally and in the US is Bitcoin.
In the US, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin come in second and third, respectively, but Dogecoin outperforms Shiba Inu globally.
The Best Lightning Payment Options for Bitcoin-
The rate of technological advancement in the field of crypto finance is just remarkable. The “magic internet money” of the past, bitcoin, is now knocking on the doors of high-end stores, clubs, and eateries.
This movement is being led by the Lightning Network (LN), a network of connected nodes run by crypto enthusiasts. For a fraction of the price, LN transaction throughput and speed already compete with those of Visa and Mastercard.
Retail businesses are considering taking “crypto” more frequently, but they are unsure of where to begin. To help business owners make an informed decision, this guide will explain and contrast all of the solutions offered side by side.
Each implementation must meet two requirements in order to be accepted:
1) Make Lightning Network available for businesses to receive Bitcoin payments
2) Carry out that face-to-face; for example, mom-and-pop shops and Box Top stores should be able to produce Lightning invoices or QR codes that customers may scan to make payments.
A choice to automatically convert the proceeds into local currency will be offered by certain systems, but not by others. Whether to hold bitcoin or perform the conversions manually will be up to the business owner.

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