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Downward Dog with Dogs: These 9 hotels and retreats offer yoga with animals.

Yoga classes are frequently offered as an amenity at hotels and resorts, and some have even added animal-assisted classes. The presence of friendly animals can add an extra layer of calm and comfort to yoga sessions, aiding relaxation and reminding participants of the true meaning of yoga: mindfulness and forming a deeper connection with nature.

Animals can help with balance, pain relief, anxiety, stress, depression, loss, grief, illness, or injury in some cases. They can also be simply amusing, uplifting, and fun at times. At these hotels and retreats, you can practise your Downward Dog among a variety of adorable creatures, both big and small.

Yoga with flamingos in the Bahamas

Try flamingo yoga at Baha Mar, a Bahamas resort complex (which includes Grand Hyatt, Rosewood and SLS Hotels). The class is led by the CFO (Chief Flamingo Officer) and takes place in the Rosewood’s Rose Garden, where guests can practise poses with four flamingo ambassadors: Baha, Lynden, Indy, and Luca.

Guests move through meditative poses while the birds imitate them. They also learn about the Bahamas’ national bird and how to protect its population. Pre-registration is required; the cost is approximately $80. To participate, guests must be at least 16 years old.

St. Lucia hummingbird yoga

Windjammer Landing, a lovely hillside resort on St. Lucia’s northwest coast, features miles of powdery sand and idyllic villas with ocean views. The resort has introduced a wonderful new yoga programme in which guests can practise yoga in some of the most beautiful areas of the resort, which are frequently home to colourful hummingbirds.

Stretch, bend, and breathe while looking at the water and listening for hummingbirds. Hummingbird yoga is currently only available by appointment, making it a truly personalised group experience. The approximate cost is $25.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, adoptable puppies practise yoga.

The Logan Hotel in Philadelphia has hosted a yoga-with-puppies fundraiser for a local animal shelter for several years. A yoga instructor volunteers her time, and animals from the shelter visit the hotel’s outdoor courtyard. The event should be held at least once or twice a year, with two to three classes to accommodate both weekend and weekday attendees. Guests and locals alike are welcome to purchase tickets (usually under $20), with all proceeds benefiting the shelter.

More puppy yoga in Miami Beach, Florida
At Eden Roc Miami Beach, you can also do yoga with adoptable puppies. A local nonprofit, Animal Lovers Rescue (ALR), comes to the hotel with furry friends who want nothing more than attention and a permanent home. Spa staff lead guests in a class that focuses on making a joyful connection with oneself, others, and the friendly animals that attend. ALR receives 100% of the proceeds collected. Classes are $15 and cater to both yogis and beginners.

Switzerland’s goat yoga

Goat yoga is practised at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina, Switzerland. While guests move and stretch in the beautiful scenery, friendly and curious goats wander around. The goats can climb, nudge, or simply relax on a nearby mat. The presence of goats in the session can reduce anxiety and stress while also improving mental health. A 90-minute class with a minimum of six participants costs around $39 and is available upon request from the staff. Not at all…

Yoga with llamas in Georgia

The Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse (featured on Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” and “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals”) provides llama yoga classes with expert instructors in a beautiful, light-filled reclaimed Bamboo Barn that also houses alpacas and other animals.

Figgy, their splotchy empath llama, and occasionally Queen Dali Llama or Llyra, help with class. Yoga is more than just a fun activity (though it is that as well), and it can assist participants in dealing with a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. A 1.5-hour class costs $50, with 15% of the proceeds benefiting a local pet charity. Reservations are required for those aged 12 and up.

In the Maldives, you can practise yoga with fish.

At Hurawalhi Island Resort in the Maldives, practise yoga while surrounded by a plethora of colourful sea creatures. Classes are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the resort’s 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, the world’s largest all-glass underwater restaurant. Gaze at the fish as you twist and bend, allowing them to enchant you as you maintain your poses. Classes are limited to a maximum of six participants, allowing guests to spread out. Reservations are required and cost around $95.

In Dubai, you can practise yoga with marine life.

At Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, participate in underwater yoga and meditation classes surrounded by a massive aquarium filled with colourful, soothing swimming sea creatures. The Lost Chambers Aquarium’s yoga class is ideal for guests of all levels looking to improve their strength, flexibility, and balance. Mats can be purchased on the day of class, or you can bring your own along with a towel. Advance registration is required, with a maximum of 15 guests per class; the cost is approximately $44.

South New Berlin, New York goat yoga

At Gilbertsville Farmhouse, an incredible weekend destination venue in beautiful New York, practise being in the moment. Goat yoga is available to guests as part of their experience at this popular wedding, retreat, or special event venue. To add to the fun, themed yoga events are held here. Classes begin at $30.

Whatever type of yoga completes your wellness routine, doing it with animals can bring a sense of connection and wellbeing – and make your hotel or resort stay truly unique.

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