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Dwayne Johnson on Henry Cavill leaving DC while defending “Black Adam”: The “best foot forward”

The movie “Black Adam” is still Dwayne Johnson’s pride and delight.

In an interview at the Oscars on Sunday, the actor, 50, defended the DC Universe flick about the antihero. He told Variety that all they could do while filming “Black Adam” was put their best foot forward, surround themselves with the best talent, and produce the best product they could.

“Our audience rating was 90 or higher. Critics fired a few shots, but that’s simply the nature of the business “Johnson threw in.

Truitt stated, “This is Johnson’s creation, a movie with a complex antihero he has supported for years. “Black Adam is ideal for Johnson’s action-figure frame if the suit fits. He simply deserves a better start as a superhero than this.”

The former WWE star also discussed Henry Cavill’s official departure with Variety after “Black Adam” hinted at Superman’s postcredits comeback.

“It’s similar to when a new owner joins a professional football team and declares, “Not my coach, not my quarterback,” after the quarterback and the head coach have won championships. I’m going to go with a new person “Johnson remarked.

The new DC CEOs were referred to in the metaphor. In October, Peter Safran, a seasoned executive, and James Gunn, the writer-director of “The Suicide Squad” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” were chosen co-chairmen and CEOs of the recently established DC Studios.

Cavill declared his days wearing a crimson cape were ended in December. “It’s awful news for everyone, and I just had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran. After all, I won’t be coming back as Superman “He published to Instagram. This news isn’t the easiest to share after the studio instructed me to do so back in October, before they were hired, but that’s life, right?

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