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Elijah McCormick, a standout on “American Idol,” was ousted in the top 20 announcement. Your favourites aren’t secure.

A shocking revelation was made during the “American Idol” top 20 presentation.

Elijah McCormick, a notable “Idol” contestant who impressed the judges with his vocal prowess and amazing story about flatlining nine times after a 2019 automobile accident, fell short in winning America’s vote on Sunday night.

McCormick was one of six participants eliminated in addition to the others.

Judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry were all taken aback by the findings, with Perry gasping as host Ryan Seacrest announced them.

Perry stated, “I’m just really shaken right now. “America, the fact is that you have the power to vote, and by not doing so, you are not exercising your right to be heard. Vote for the people you want to see going forward since your favourites aren’t safe.

Here are some additional events from Sunday’s show.

Katy Perry claims that listening to Iam Tongi is like “watching a Disney movie.”

With his acoustic rendition of “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA, teen singer Iam Tongi mesmerised the judges.

Perry jokingly said, “I guess this is called the Iam Tongi Show now,” describing Tongi’s voice as “timeless.” What you’re offering us transcends everything and hits everybody in a certain place. It’s like I’m watching a Disney movie as I see you rise to fame.

Perry’s appreciation of the 18-year-old competitor was shared by Bryan.

Bryan told Tongi, “God gave you the magic, buddy.” You should “enjoy it.”

Send the number 13 to 21523 to see more of Tongi’s musical wizardry.

The 26-year-old, who earlier this week received encouragement from Perry to offer a more subdued performance, bared it all with a potent rendition of the Toni Braxton ballad “Un-Break My Heart.”

You are the person on this show who works the hardest, Richie remarked. “You are a force with which to be reckoned.”

After receiving jeers from the studio audience for her earlier criticism, Perry made it clear what she was trying to say.

“When I said ‘no glitter,’ what I meant was exactly what you gave tonight,” stated the speaker, referring to Nutsa’s performance as “sophisticated.” You can accomplish everything, but you can also command attention by simply being your fierce Nutsa self.

Who else left after the top 20 were revealed?

McCormick’s “Idol” odyssey wasn’t the only one to end.

Additionally missing the top 20 were the singers PJAE, Elise Kristine, Emma Busse, Dawson Wayne, and Malik Heard.

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