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Expedia introduces an app ChatGPT’s function for planning trips

The next time you plan a vacation with Expedia, you can get assistance from a new travel advisor: ChatGPT.

Expedia Group announced Tuesday that the online travel agency has introduced “conversational trip planning” driven by an OpenAI computer software.

According to Peter Kern, vice chairman and CEO of Expedia Group, “As the leader in travel IT, Expedia continues to build out the fundamental operating system for the industry, constantly increasing capabilities and making trip planning faster, simpler, and even more informative.” We can now provide travellers with a more user-friendly approach to create their ideal trip by incorporating ChatGPT into the Expedia app and combining it with our other AI-based buying capabilities, such as hotel comparison, flight price tracking, and trip collaboration tools.

How does the ChatGPT function on Expedia?

Users can converse with the app’s software while it is in beta testing and receive suggestions on where to travel, where to stay, what to do, and other topics.

Hotels mentioned in the conversation are immediately saved in the app as part of the process, the business said in a press statement. This “helps users stay organised and makes it easier for them to start choosing dates, verifying availability, and adding on flights, vehicles, or activities.”

In a video demonstration that Expedia posted, a user requests advice on “romantic resorts in Maui” for an upcoming honeymoon in Hawaii. They can use the feature to access their saved stuff after the programme presents a few possibilities.

Who may use the ChatGPT function on Expedia?

The company’s iOS app offers access to the function for travellers. According to a spokeswoman, they will require an Expedia account in order for the hotel suggestions to be added to a “tour” on the app.

Users of Android devices cannot access the feature, which is also only available in English.

The Expedia representative wrote in an email, “This is a new technology, so we intend to test and learn how travellers interact with it but ultimately, we envision this experience being carried out more generally.”

Expedia stated in the announcement that although numerous precautions have been taken to avoid erroneous results and improper reactions, occasionally the experience may not function exactly as planned. Input from both our staff and everyone who uses the experience will be continuously reviewed to ensure that solutions match our expectations.

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