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Fans of Dairy Queen may now get 85-cent Blizzards for a limited period.

As the weather gets warmer, Dairy Queen fans have something to look forward to.

The business released a new lineup of Blizzard flavours on March 27 and reduced the price of the frozen desserts to under a dollar.

Customers of Dairy Queen using the DQ mobile app may purchase the chain’s iconic dessert for for 85 cents from April 10 through 23 in homage to the Blizzard’s debut year of 1985. The app is the only place to get the deal.

The Oreo Brookie Blizzard, which combines vanilla soft serve with brookie (brownie and biscuit baked together) bits, is a brand-new blizzard to the summer menu.

Which storms will be back?

S’mores (the Blizzard of the Month for April)
Strawberry Chocolate-Dipped Cotton Candy

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