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Fans of “Wheel of Fortune” are divided by this “unfair” and “tricky” puzzle: Can you make it work?

Did “Wheel of Fortune” take this challenging puzzle too far?

On Twitter, some long-time viewers of the game show expressed their disappointment with a response from the episode that aired on Friday.

In the last round, a participant was left to attempt to solve a problem under the heading “Person” with the letters ” O N N G P_ R T N E R” filled out.

The participant was at a loss.

The response? If “FOUNDING FATHER” was what you had in mind, you were close, but not quite. It was “FOUNDING PARTNER,” the response.

Following the programme, “Wheel of Fortune” viewers debated the puzzle’s merits on Twitter, with some defending the challenging answer and others expressing scepticism.

@bigVbigVbigV tweeted, “@WheelofFortune founding partner is not a thing: founding dads YES.”

“an original partner? That one was very rushed by the writers!” written @wheelwatcha.

@suzy horvath stated that the term “founding partner” is an unfair terminology word usage and that this kind of wordplay shouldn’t be tolerated. “#unfairwheel”

Others claimed to have easily solved the challenge and thought it was completely fair.

“I got it immediately!” wrote @cleohoney. A company’s original partner is unquestionably a thing.

“There is such a thing as a founding partner, particularly with legal firms and accountancy businesses. The two or more individuals who founded the firm are considered the founding partners “wrote @David75983862.

Although “founding partner” is a commercial term, not many people, according to @EvanKap41870757, would have understood it. “It was truly a difficult one. merely demonstrates how WOF would use everything.”

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