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First impressions: “The Flash” is praised for its “nerdy details” and “big heart” at CinemaCon.

“The Flash” didn’t waste any time in winning over its fans.

In front of a crowded audience of theatre owners, studio officials, and journalists, an incomplete cut of the much awaited DC superhero movie (out in theatres on June 16) had its debut Tuesday night at CinemaCon.

The story revolves around the Flash (Ezra Miller), who uses his superspeed to save his parents but inadvertently wrecks the world and meets his 18-year-old self in the process. Yours truly believed it had a large heart and found the plot to be compelling. The movie cleverly transforms a “Back to the Future”-style story into a superhero adventure, and Michael Keaton’s return as the Caped Crusader after 30 years serves as a solid reminder that he’s the best Batman of all time in movies. (Really, he ought to have done more of these back then.)

The returning superhero received a “chef’s kiss” from Slashfilm’s Jenna Busch. She wrote, “I didn’t realise how much I needed Keaton’s Batman back in my life.”

According to Erik Davis of Fandango.com, the film was “tremendous,” praising its creative plot and “so many nerdy details.”

Rob Keyes of Screen Rant tweeted that “The Flash” “fits beautifully as a bridge narrative” between the old and new franchises.” “The Flash” is one of the final films to be released before the major DC universe reset.

The “Back to the Future” themes were mirrored by Germain Lussier of iO9, who said it “might be a tad too ambitious but it’s also just incredibly satisfying, heartwarming, and fun.”

Warner Bros.’ CinemaCon presentation did not mention Miller’s legal problems, which include arrests for disorderly conduct and assault suspect in Hawaii last year, a burglary charge in Vermont, and allegations of underage grooming.

Steven Weintraub of Collider.com tweeted that the actor “made a lot of mistakes but they are soooooo good in this movie.” Sean O’Connell of Cinema Blend also commended Miller for “two outstanding performances” in “The Flash.” It is enchanted. It activates each button. I’ll see it a thousand times.

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