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Follow these 3 simple steps to stop your premium subscription to Spotify.

Listeners have had access to millions of tunes, podcasts, and most recently audio books thanks to Spotify since 2008. One of the most well-known music streaming services in the world, Spotify had 433 million users as of September, including its 188 million members.

Even on mobile devices, Spotify Premium gives users unlimited skips, download options, ad-free listening, and the freedom to listen to any song in any sequence. For families with up to six accounts, subscription prices range from $4.99 per month for students to $15.99 per month.

Yet, just like your subscription settings, your musical preferences can occasionally alter. What you need to know if you want to stop paying for Spotify Premium.

Methods for stopping Spotify Premium

To end Spotify Premium, take these instructions from Spotify:

Visit spotify.com/account to log in.
To “Your Plan,” scroll down.
Choose “Cancel Premium.”

Although your subscription will be terminated, Premium access will remain active until the following paying day. Your account will then resume its free status.

What occurs if I stop paying for Spotify Premium?

When you deactivate Spotify Premium, your account switches back to being free, which means you are no longer required to pay for the Premium features.

You can still access all of your saved songs and playlists on your account, but you must now play audio with advertisements. Also, you won’t be able to skip indefinitely when streaming.

Audio can no longer be downloaded for offline, Wi-Fi-free listening. As comparison to Premium quality, the audio quality is also worse on a free account.

Free listeners cannot participate in group listening either.

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