For 2023, the Grand Canyon North Rim will (partially) reopen. Here are the open and closed dates. - News Certain Network

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For 2023, the Grand Canyon North Rim will (partially) reopen. Here are the open and closed dates.

The Grand Canyon’s North Rim is currently open for the season.

The North Rim has not experienced a typical year this year. After being delayed in closing for the winter because of storms that dumped a record amount of snow in the area, the rim will open for a brief summer season.

Due to a leak in the North Rim’s water pipeline, the National Park Service will reopen the North Rim on Friday with fewer services, at least for the first few weeks.

According to park authorities, the Grand Canyon Lodge won’t have any overnight lodging available for the first few weeks of the season, and a section of the North Kaibab Trail will remain closed for a longer period of time than initially anticipated.

What you need to know about the North Rim’s opening in 2023.

When will the North Rim Grand Canyon Lodge begin operations?

The National Park Service reports that because of the water pipeline break, rooms at Grand Canyon Lodge won’t be available until at least July 23.

Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Ed Keable said in a statement that “the decision to suspend overnight accommodations at the Grand Canyon Lodge was not taken lightly and we recognise the inconvenience this has for visitors planning a trip to the North Rim.”

When the North Rim reopens on June 2, the lodge, run by concessionaire Aramark, will only provide a restricted selection of meals and drinks.

When will the campground at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim be accessible?

According to the park service, which oversees the campground, the originally scheduled June 9 reopening of the North Rim Campground will proceed with the availability of drinking water and restrooms.

The North Kaibab Trail will debut when?

The North Kaibab Trail will be closed from April 12 to June 2 for trail repairs after being damaged by rockfall and landslides along a portion that runs north of Cottonwood Campground to the North Kaibab Trailhead. This closure was previously announced by the park service.

The repairs require extra time from the park workers. They prolonged the ban at least until June 15. Hikers are not allowed to enter while it is closed, regardless of the reason.

After the North Kaibab Trail reopens, there will be sporadic closures in place for this segment. According to the park service, this will enable employees to remove any lingering rockfall.

The park service has previously stated that after downed trees obstructing the pathways are cleared, access to the Widforss Trail, Point Sublime, the North Bass Trailhead, and other places on the Kaibab Plateau inside the park would resume. Reopening day is set for July 1.

Where is the nearest place to stay near the North Rim?

The Grand Canyon Lodge is the only hotel located inside the park at the North Rim, but if visitors are willing to travel further, they can discover a few other places to stay.

The cottages at Kaibab Lodge, which are located about 17 miles north of the North Rim, are marketed as a tranquil respite from the summertime desert heat. On May 17, a search revealed availability for every day in June and July besides June 2.

About 45 miles north of the North Rim, in the ponderosa pine forests of the Kaibab Plateau, is the Jacob Lake Inn, which has hotel rooms, cabins, a restaurant and a petrol station. A search revealed availability for the entire month of June and nearly all of July.

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