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Former manager accuses Jimmie Allen of rape. ‘Consensual,’ claims a country star.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Jimmie Allen, claiming that he sexually assaulted and raped her while she was a member of his management team.

The plaintiff is referred to as Jane Doe throughout the court records, which were submitted on Thursday to a Tennessee court. Wide Open Music, its founder Ash Bowers, and William Bowers Management are additional defendants in the lawsuit along with Allen.

The plaintiff claims in the lawsuit that the country music performer, 37, assaulted her in March 2021 while she was unconscious during the filming of a “American Idol” episode. Additionally, she claims that Allen “manipulated and used his power over Plaintiff’s job to sexually harass and abuse Plaintiff over the course of the next 18 months” and that “it was made clear to Plaintiff that she would lose her job if she complained.”

Allen said they had a consenting sexual relationship in a statement given by his lawyer Andrew Brettler.

What claims are made in the complaint against Jimmie Allen?

The lawsuit claims that prior to the alleged assault, Allen “regularly engaged in sexual harassment,” which his management team was aware of and treated as usual.

The complaint claims that Allen “sexually harassed Plaintiff openly and publicly by making comments about Plaintiff’s status as a single female, her innocence, and how hot she looked.” In front of the cast, crew, and the public, he did it from the stage.

Following a “American Idol” taping in which Allen participated, the claimed rape allegedly took place after a supper with the plaintiff, Allen, and business officials. The plaintiff “does not remember anything after dinner that evening,” the lawsuit claims, despite only having two glasses of wine that evening.

The claim continues, “She lost consciousness and awoke naked in her hotel room many hours later, with Jimmie Allen requesting she immediately take Plan B. “The Plaintiff was bleeding vaginally and was confused and disoriented. Plaintiff experienced shame and humiliation. She came to the realisation that she had lost her virginity without her consent and felt her faith had been compromised.

According to the lawsuit, Allen harassed the woman sexually after this occurrence by accessing a pornographic website on her work computer, touching her breasts and buttocks, and putting his hand down her pants in public.

According to the lawsuit, the claimed mistreatment caused the plaintiff to have suicidal thoughts. She claims that she was dismissed later in October 2022 after informing her boss of the alleged rape and mistreatment.

What is the claim against Jimmie Allen?
The plaintiff is suing Allen for battery, assault, false detention, intentional infliction of mental distress, and sex trafficking. Bowers and the management business are also being sued by the plaintiff for their alleged involvement in a sex trafficking operation, gross carelessness, negligence, failure to warn, instruct, or educate, and deliberate and negligent infliction of mental distress.

A jury trial is what her attorneys are requesting.

What was Jimmie Allen’s response to the legal dispute?
Allen stated, “It is deeply troubling and hurtful that someone I counted as one of my closest friends, colleagues, and confidants would make allegations that have no truth to them at all,” in a statement released by his lawyer Andrew Brettler. “I admit that we had a sexual relationship with each other that lasted for about two years. She never once accused me of doing anything wrong during that period and expressed a desire for our friendship and connection to last forever. She didn’t engage a lawyer to contact me and request money until after things between us ended, which makes me wonder about her motivations. The plain fact is that her claims are highly damaging in addition to being incorrect. I’ve put a lot of effort into developing my profession, and I intend to vigorously contest her allegations and pursue any other appropriate legal remedies to preserve my image.

Jimmie Allen: Who is he?

Allen has spent the most of his adult life in Nashville. After agreeing to a publishing contract with Wide Open Music in 2016, he made his debut in the music business. In 2018, he released “Best Shot,” his debut single.

Allen revealed in April that he and Alexis Gale had decided to separate and that they will have a new child together later in the year. Their two daughters, Zara, 1, and Naomi, 3, are shared.

After Darius Rucker in 2009, Allen became the second Black artist to win the Country Music Association Award for new artist of the year in 2021. He was a Grammy Awards 2022 best new artist nominee.

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