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Get your copy of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” before it becomes available tomorrow.

Fans of “Breath of the Wild” rejoice: The Blood Moon is back. Tomorrow sees the release of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” the newest installment in Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda” series.

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Players will revisit Hyrule and continue Link’s story in “Tears of the Kingdom,” which picks up after “Breath of the Wild.” During a livestream in April, the third and final video for the much awaited game was unveiled. It featured brand-new foes, vehicles, and cutscene footage of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf as well as possible flashbacks to popular ‘Breath of the Wild’ characters. On May 12, 2023, the game will be made available for the Nintendo Switch gaming system.

The game is one of Nintendo’s most expensive offerings to date. The collector’s edition will set you back $129.99 and will cost you $69.99. If you don’t want to be like the customer who has already waited 72 hours in queue, we’ve outlined all the methods you may obtain a copy before the game is released.

How may a copy of “Tears of the Kingdom” be reserved?

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Nintendo all have physical copies of “Tears of the Kingdom” available for presale. The preorder copies from Amazon and Walmart are simply $69 flat instead of $70 like other variants. Depending on the shop you choose, your physical preorder should arrive on the release day. However, if you preorder a digital code from Amazon, Best Buy, or Nintendo, you’ll be able to enter the code to begin downloading your copy as soon as the game goes on sale.

What is the subject of “Tears of the Kingdom”?

Beginning where “Breath of the Wild” left off, “Tears of the Kingdom” follows Link and Zelda as they deal with the effects of Calamity Ganon’s tyranny. According to the trailer, a major event changes Hyrule’s alchemy at some point, and Link uses his newly acquired skills to traverse the previously known environment. Before playing, you can read the numerous reviews that have appeared this week to get more information about the game’s content. The game has already received a tonne of positive press.

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