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Guitarist Brian May gets knighted by King Charles III, who offers his congratulations.

Sir Brian May, who is a queen, was knighted by King Charles III.

In a ceremony held on Wednesday at Buckingham Palace, the monarch formally knighted Queen guitarist May, 75. The musician bowed before the king during the official ceremony, and the king touched his shoulders with a sword.

Queen’s official Twitter account tweeted “Arise Sir Brian May” accompanied with a picture of the momentous occasion. “Brian received the knighthood from His Royal Highness, King Charles. Sir Brian, many congratulations!”

For his contributions and services to music and philanthropy, May was awarded a knighthood. He is the only band member to hold the distinction.

The event was declared to take place in December. May expressed his expectation that being called “Sir” would give him “a little bit more gravitas” in an interview with the Associated Press.

If Sir Brian is on the phone, perhaps a few more people will pay attention to me than they otherwise would, the guitarist speculated.

He also revealed Anita Dobson, his wife, was eager to take on the role of “Lady May.”

She’s over the moon, he remarked. “And being able to sort of bestow that upon her gives me great joy. Her receiving an honour beside me makes me happy because, as God knows, I would not be where I am today without her.”

Dobson supported May by attending the knighting ceremony on Wednesday.

On the first list of its kind, Charles approved hundreds of athletes, artists, and community leaders. He was one of them.

YolanDa Brown, a saxophonist musician, was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire on the day May received a knighthood (OBE).

YolanDa gave a performance in front of His Majesty as a part of Wednesday’s Commonwealth Day Ceremony in Westminster Abbey, according to a tweet from Buckingham Palace.

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