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How old is Caillou, and why is he bald? Here are some details regarding the animated television character.

You probably already know Caillou if you are a parent or grandparent of a young child.

The titular character of the preschool-aged children’s television programme “Caillou” is a toddler who is learning and utilising his imagination.

You may watch Caillou on PBS Kids or Sprout if you’re watching from the United States. Caillou was a character in a book series set in Montreal, Quebec, before he appeared as a TV character.

One distinguishing characteristic of the young child in the book and television series is that Caillou is bald.

What makes Caillou bald?

No disease is to blame for Caillou’s baldness. According to Chouette Publishing, when Caillou was first imagined as a character, he was a small baby who, by virtue of his age, wouldn’t have much hair.

The Caillou designers chose to preserve Caillou’s bald head when they wanted to make him older to experience circumstances that children between the ages of two and four might encounter. He wouldn’t have been recognisable otherwise.

Caillou is how old?

The age of Caillou varies from episode to episode and season to season of the corresponding TV show. However, according to Fandom.com, in the reboot, he is between the ages of two and eight.

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