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How to contact a live person at the IRS by phone

It has historically been difficult to speak with a live person at the Internal Revenue Service during tax season.

Just 13% of callers were able to speak with an IRS person in 2022, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate’s report to Congress. Virtually everyone who attempted to contact the agency over the phone encountered some form of problem. However, there was a higher number of persons than in 2021, when only 11% were able to contact an agency.

But so far, this year is distinct.

Individuals who call the IRS’s primary helpline number have a better chance of speaking with a professional in a timely manner. That’s probably a result of the IRS hiring more personnel this tax season compared to earlier in the pandemic and adding fewer layers of complexity.

But, look through the IRS.gov website to see if there are any online before you pick up the phone to call the organisation.

If not, here is how to contact an IRS representative.

IRS contact number

For different kinds of tax inquiries, the IRS maintains numerous phone lines. All are open from Monday through Friday, though their hours of operation differ. The IRS advises inhabitants of Alaska and Hawaii to always observe Pacific time.

Phone number for IRS installment agreements

There isn’t a specific IRS phone number for inquiries about installment arrangements, which let consumers pay back taxes over a longer period of time. The IRS advises calling 800-829-1040 (for individuals) or 800-829-4933 (for companies) for assistance with these types of questions.

IRS telephone number offset

The money from your refund will often go towards paying down your debt if you owe money to the IRS but are due one for the most recent tax year. Call 800-304-3107 to find out if this will happen to you.

Live IRS chat

For general inquiries, the IRS provides live chat support. But it doesn’t deal with certain queries.

The initial message you’ll get from an IRS agent or chatbot when you start a chat will state that it “does not have access to your account information.” Your Social Security number or other taxpayer identifying numbers should not be entered into the chat box, it will request.

Before you start a conversation, the IRS clearly explains that it “doesn’t constitute an official engagement with the IRS regarding your tax account.”

Contact the IRS regarding my refund.

Instead of calling the IRS, you might be able to use the “Where’s my refund?” online service to learn more quickly about the status of your refund. For automated assistance with your refund, dial 800-829-1954. Call 800-829-1040 if neither of the two alternatives addresses your query.

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