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How to create a signature with a single click in Outlook to personalise your emails

You can only say so much in an email. Many of our interactions in our increasingly online environment must take place digitally, but that doesn’t imply your message must be flat. Your email signature may easily be updated to include a picture, vibrant colours, a quote, or personal pronouns.

Here is your step-by-step tutorial to adding a signature with the press of a button if you’ve ever wanted to add a personal touch to your emails without having to type it out each time.

On Outlook, how to add a signature

Options for customising Outlook can be found in settings or by clicking the gear symbol on the upper right of the menu.

Access settings
At the bottom, choose “See all Outlook settings.”
Choose “Compose and reply.”
Choose “New signature” from the list by clicking the + symbol.
Choose a name for your new signature and then click “Save”

How to add a photo to your Outlook signature

In Outlook, you can also add a company logo or other image to your email signature to give a touch of professionalism.

Access settings

At the bottom, choose “See all Outlook settings.”
Choose “Compose and reply.”
Choose the photo icon in the bottom horizontal options menu of a new or existing signature.
Publish an image from your PC
Create a personalised Outlook signature
As you send emails, there are various methods to personalise a signature to suit your requirements and tastes.

You may, for instance, designate various signatures for various uses. Users of Outlook have the option to set a default signature for new messages, replies, and forwards. Scrolling down under the signature box in “Compose and reply” will reveal this setting.

Using the settings menu located below the signature box, you may also modify the font, size, colour, and format of your signature. Try making a portion of your signature bold, adding a link, or adding a favourite phrase using the quote function (quotation marks symbol).

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