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If Hollywood cannot come to an agreement on salary, film and television writers vote to strike.

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Film and television writers who are unionised have unanimously approved granting their leaders the right to organise a strike in the event that a new deal cannot be struck with producers.

The Writers Guild of America’s bargaining committee informed its members via email on Monday that over 98% of the 9,218 votes were cast in favour of the strike, with nearly 79% of union members participating.

The email stated, “Our membership has spoken.” “In overwhelming numbers, you have demonstrated your collective strength, solidarity, and call for significant change.”

The three-year contract for writers expires on May 1. Leaders could call for a walkout the next day, but they also have the option of extending the deadline if an agreement is close.

Pay, the flexibility of writers to work on other series when they have downtime from other projects, and, according to Variety, the usage of artificial intelligence in the script-writing process are also topics of discussion during negotiations.

In a statement released on Monday, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which bargains on behalf of studios, streaming services, and production companies, said that a “The WGA’s strategy, which was announced before the parties even exchanged proposals, always included a strike authorization vote. It should not be a surprise that it will be ratified.”

The statement read, “Our goal is, and will remain, to negotiate a fair and acceptable arrangement.”

In 2017, the writers virtually unanimously approved a similar strike authorisation, but no strike was ever called. In 2007, the guild last went on strike.

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