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In an AI battle, Google introduces new capabilities for Documents, Gmail, and more.

Google on Tuesday unveiled a new set of AI tools for its various Workspace apps.

With the help of generative AI tools, you can create draughts in Documents and Gmail based on prompts and create presentations in Slides with automatically generated pictures, music, and video.

Through Google Cloud, the internet behemoth is also introducing new generative capabilities for businesses, along with a new API for developers.

The news comes amid a rush by tech businesses to introduce new AI features in the wake of the ChatGPT chatbot’s debut last year. Microsoft debuted its ChatGPT-powered Bing in February, and in response to ChatGPT, Google revealed Bard, its own chatbot.

“We’re currently at a key time in our AI journey,” Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, stated in a blog post. The way people interact with technology is fundamentally changing as a result of advances in generative AI, and at Google, we have been responsibly building out big language models so we can use them in our products.

What AI tools will be available in Workspace?

Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets are just a few of the Workspace apps that Google announced would soon have a burst of new features.

Here are some things you can accomplish with the tools, per the company:

Your Gmail draughts, replies, sums up, and prioritises messages.
In Documents, generate ideas, edit them, and then rework them.
Use auto-generated graphics, music, and video in Slides to illustrate presentations.
Use auto-completion, formula generation, and contextual classification in Sheets to gain insights and analysis from raw data.
Create fresh backgrounds and note taking in Meet
Allow chat workflows

The AI will generate a draught text after you type a few words about the subject you wish to write about, according to Google, and will be integrated into Documents and Gmail. Further AI ideas can be included as you continue to hone and revise the manuscript.

Google will roll out the functionalities when?

Google said it’s sending out the functionality to “trusted testers” before making the tools generally available. (A group of “trusted testers” had access to the Bard chatbot at first.)

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