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Tineco is a brand you may not have heard of, but it is one you should look into. The Tineco Pure One S11 (available on Amazon) is an excellent place to begin your investigation. It’s a reasonably priced cordless vacuum designed for the twenty-first century. The S11 has good battery life and powerful suction after spending time with it in our testing labs and comparing it to previous cordless vacuum cleaners we’ve reviewed. If you find this vacuum too pricey, consider the Tineco A10 Hero, which offers a similar clean but costs $150 less.

Battery life of the Tineco Pure One S11: 10 minutes in maximum mode, 40 minutes in minimum mode
6.4 pound weight
8.3″ x 43.5″ in size (W x H)
Mesh filter, pre-filter, and HEPA E11
The Pure One S11 falls between the Pure One S15 Pet and the A10 Hero in terms of price. The S15 Pet costs about $50 more and has a better fit and finish as well as more attachments, but it performed similarly in our cleaning tests.

The A10 Hero is our best cordless vacuum for the money. According to our lab tests, it has about 30% less suction and battery power, but it costs about 50% less, so you actually come out ahead.

What we enjoy

It provides the best cleaning in its price range.

Suction power, in general, is what distinguishes the S11 from other cordless vacuums in its price range. During testing, we tossed 20 grammes of specially sifted sand onto medium-pile carpet to simulate the type of dirt you track in on your feet.

Surprisingly, the S11 picked up 80% of our testing dirt on average. That puts it on par with the most recent Dyson vacuums.

The S11 is also effective against pet hair because it comes with a mini brush head designed for cleaning upholstery and tight spaces where hair tends to accumulate. You can also convert this vacuum into a handy handheld vacuum for cleaning in small spaces.

When you begin vacuuming under furniture, the LED lights on the main brush head and soft roller head will assist you in capturing every dust bunny. It should be noted that the mini power brush lacks lights.

The S11 also includes the iLoop dust sensor system, which provides real-time feedback on how dirty your carpets are via an LED display. A blue ring around the top of the unit indicates that your carpets are completely clean, while a red ring indicates that you should continue vacuuming. As a result, cleaning becomes more intelligent.

The detachable battery has a long lifespan.
The battery is a common point of failure for cordless vacuums. That is why a cordless vacuum with a detachable battery deserves special mention. If the battery fails, whether permanently or temporarily, you can simply replace it and continue cleaning.

It should be noted that additional Tineco S11 batteries are sold separately.

Each battery has enough charge to clean for about 10 minutes on the highest setting or about 40 minutes on the lowest setting.

Cleaning is made easier with a variety of attachments.
The Tineco Pure One S11 includes a soft-roller power brush head for hardwood and a bristle brush head for carpet, as well as a dusting tool, a crevice tool, and a multi-tasker power brush head.

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