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In Nepal, hiking alone is no longer permitted due to disappearances.

The national parks of Nepal will soon forbid solo hiking in an effort to lessen risks for the tens of thousands of explorers who visit the Himalayan nation each year.

The Nepal Tourism Board reports that the change, which becomes effective the next month, makes guides now required.

According to the board’s director, Mani R. Lamichhane, the decision, which was made public in early March, was made in response to situations in which tourists got lost and occasionally perished when trekking alone.

According to Lamichhane, there have been numerous instances of tourists going missing. He continued by saying that the deaths of lone hikers had led some visitors to believe that Nepal was dangerous.

All levels of tourists must abide by the new rules.

The new regulations apply to trekkers of all skill levels who go through Nepal’s national parks, including the well-known 150-mile Annapurna Circuit, which encircle the Annapurna mountain range. Outside of national parks, such as in and around the city of Kathmandu, trekkers are still permitted to go on solitary walks.

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