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In the DC Universe, Dwayne Johnson updates ‘Black Adam’s’ uncertain future.

“Black Adam” has nearly unlimited power, but apparently not enough to secure a sequel to the film anytime soon.

Following speculation that DC would not pursue a sequel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Twitter on Tuesday to update fans, stating that he had met with DC Studios’ new leadership team, James Gunn and Peter Safran. While Johnson did not rule out the possibility of Black Adam returning in some form, he did state that the character was not in DC’s immediate plans. (Both DC Studios and CNN are owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.)

The announcement follows several decisions made by DC’s management team that have enraged some fans, particularly those involving the iconic characters Superman and Wonder Woman.

“My ardent fans, I wanted to provide you with a long-awaited Black Adam update regarding the character’s future in the new DC Universe. I spoke with James Gunn, and Black Adam will not be included in their first chapter of storytelling. “However, DC and Seven Bucks have agreed to continue looking into the most valuable ways Black Adam can be used in future DC multiverse chapters,” Johnson wrote. “James and I have known each other for years and have always hoped for the best for each other.”

“It’s no different now, and I will always root for DC (and Marvel) to win and WIN BIG,” he continued. You know who I am, and I have a thick skin, so you can always count on me to be direct with my words. These decisions made by James and DC leadership represent their creative vision of DCU.”

Johnson went on to say that he was “very proud” of the film, which premiered in October.
Johnson plays the title character in “Black Adam,” which is based on the same comics that inspired the “Shazam!” franchise. In the film, the antihero is resurrected after years of dormancy and goes on to battle the Justice Society of America, which includes such heroes as Hawkman and Doctor Fate.

Despite the film’s nearly $400 million worldwide gross, there has been some debate about whether it will be profitable given its high budget and marketing costs. Johnson has stated on Twitter that it will be eventually.

Critics were cool to the film, giving it a 41 (out of 100) on the aggregation site Metacritic.

“Black Adam” concluded with a closing-credit sequence that teased future adventures, including a cameo by Henry Cavill as Superman. However, it has since been revealed that Cavill will no longer be a part of the franchise in the future.

Gunn, the director of “The Suicide Squad” and its streaming spinoff “Peacemaker,” took to Twitter on Monday to address some fans’ “outcry” over planned changes to the DC Universe.

Those fans were outraged when it was announced that a new Superman film without Cavill is in the works, as well as that “Wonder Woman 3” has been put on hold, with new management rejecting director Patty Jenkins’ treatment for the film.

Gunn stated that DC Universe decisions will be made “based on what we believe is best for the story.”

CNN has reached out to DC Studios for comment, but Gunn responded publicly to Johnson’s post on Twitter, saying, “Can’t wait to collaborate soon” with Johnson and his company.

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