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Despite being a step below the Inzone H9, Sony’s Inzone line of PC gaming accessories may have its best audio option in the Inzone H7 headset (available at Amazon). To deliver capable audio chops, the H7 combines two channels of wireless audio from a dedicated dongle with simultaneous audio support. That audio is also routed through quite robust drivers, resulting in powerful gaming audio. While the $230 headset is a standout among Sony’s nascent Inzone line, and can even be found for less than $150, it falls short of some of the best gaming headsets on the market, such as the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7, which is a more impressive product on almost every count.

The Inzone H7 does not provide the best experience for the price.

Concerning the Sony Inzone H7

The following are the specifications of the headset we tested:

Cost: $230
Over-the-ear, closed-back
The colours are white with black accents.
40mm drivers are used.
Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz over USB-A dongle
40-hour battery life
PC, PlayStation 5 (2.4 GHz wireless); iPhone, Android, and Mac are all compatible (Bluetooth)
Microphone: Bidirectional boom microphone with mute switch.
360° Spatial Audio (Windows Only), Tempest 3D virtual surround sound (PS5 only)
No noise cancellation.
Weight: 11.1 oz.
The Inzone H7 is nearly identical to the Inzone H9 (the two even appear as “Inzone H7 / H9” in Windows), but it lacks active noise cancellation and replaces the leatherette ear cups with fabric. The lack of ANC results in a longer battery life, up to 40 hours compared to the H9’s 32 hours. Both models, as well as the Inzone M-series monitors, can be adjusted on a PC using Sony’s INZONE Hub software.

Sony’s Inzone H7 headset gets off to a good start with a comfortable fit and simple adjustments. With a price tag of more than $200, you should expect comfort. It’s a shame Sony had to make all of its Inzone headsets as large as they did to add the PlayStation 5-inspired style, as they now compete in size with some massive audiophile headphones. The non-removable, non-retractable boom mic is also inconvenient.

That disappointment is compounded by Sony’s inclusion of Bluetooth support, which would be useful if this were a headset you could wear outside.

Sony, on the other hand, has managed to pack in some respectable audio chops. The Inzone H7 shines in game audio delivery, just like the Inzone H9, with which it shares the majority of its design and hardware. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s action is both intense and detailed. When I’m hunkered down to defend a hardpoint, the headset provides audible surround sound of where enemies are moving, even behind walls, and allows me to keep my sights on them.

The H7’s microphone is pleasingly clear. It doesn’t have a rich, full voice, but it successfully focuses on my voice while reducing background noise. My keyboard and mouse clicks are not transmitted, nor is fan noise.

The Inzone H7 is equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless connection via USB-A dongle and Bluetooth 5.0. They can also successfully mix audio from both sources at the same time, which is useful for voice chat on consoles. The transmitter divides the audio from the PC into two streams (game and chat), allowing for real-time balancing of the two.

It’s a useful feature that’s hampered by the headset’s clumsy controls. SteelSeries’ ChatMix dial allows for quick and easy adjustments, whereas the Inzone H7’s buttons are difficult to find at a glance and take longer to tap to find an ideal balance mid-game.

For all of the advantages the Inzone H7 has over the H9 headset, it also has some disadvantages. Aside from design similarities, wireless connectivity experienced the same performance issues. While the headset remains connected and receives audio in the same room as the transmitter during my testing, there are issues with digital artefacts even when only a few feet from the receiver with very little in the way. This isn’t an issue I’ve had with any other wireless gaming headset.

Should you invest in the Sony Inzone H7?

Perhaps if you like the style.

The pricing of the Inzone H7 makes it far more appealing than the H9. It’s less than 80% the price of the H9 at $230, making it a much better value because the H9’s ANC is limited by the fact that you won’t want to travel with it. I’ve even seen it for as little as $148. If you like the look of the H7, it could be a viable option. Its performance isn’t as constrained as its size.

However, the Inzone H7 does not provide the best experience for the price. SteelSeries is the undisputed leader in dual-wireless headsets and ChatMix capabilities, but the Arctis Nova 7 is simply the superior choice, especially given its wider platform support. Even the older SteelSeries Arctis 9 outperforms.

Alternatively, if you can live without Bluetooth, the HyperX Cloud Alpha can provide capable wireless audio, long-term comfort, and a dizzying 300-hour battery life for a lower price.

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