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iOS 16.3 is now available. The following are the new iPhone features.

Apple has released iOS 16.3, a software update that includes the ability to use physical security keys for two-factor authentication.

The update also adds new ways to use Emergency SOS calls, a new “Unity” wallpaper, and support for Apple’s HomePod smart speaker.

Apple announced the hardware key feature last year, which allows you to use third-party hardware security keys to strengthen two-factor authentication. In addition, the company introduced “Advanced Data Protection” to encrypt information.

The Emergency SOS calls have been modified to require users to hold the side button while pressing the up or down volume button and then release. In honour of Black History Month, the new “Unity” wallpaper “honours Black history and culture.”

iOS 16.3 is the most recent major update to Apple’s iOS 16 operating system, which was released in September.

Does iOS 16.3 support security keys?

A physical security key is an external device that is used to verify your account.

According to Apple’s website, “security keys strengthen the two-factor authentication process and help prevent your second authentication factor from being intercepted or requested by an attacker” because they use a physical key instead of a six-digit code.

Security Keys for Apple ID are an optional feature for users who want extra security. The feature is only compatible with FIDO-certified security keys such as the YubiKey, and you must enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

How to Install iOS 16.3

Open the Settings app on your iPhone to update it. Select Software Update from the General menu.

If your iPhone is set to automatic updates, it will instal software updates as soon as they are downloaded.

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