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Joe Jonas sings a song for Sophie Turner: Everything that transpired at the Jonas Brothers concert in New York

As part of their five-night Broadway residency, the fraternal band demonstrated that their joyous feelings as a three had endured as they performed and revealed the secrets of their 2019 comeback album “Happiness Starts” at midtown Manhattan’s Marquis Theater.

An intimate reflection on their success and, on Friday, of the record that spurred their rebirth as a group and gave rise to singles like “Sucker” and “Cool” has replaced 2019’s arena tour.

The fourth of five shows that centre on Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas’ four prior albums and their upcoming “The Album,” they were completely in sync and each in their element (out May 12).

The three albums that propelled them to the pinnacles of late 2000s teen success, “Jonas Brothers,” “A Little Bit Longer,” and “Lines, Vines and Difficult Times,” were the focus of the residency’s earlier nights.

This is a recap of the fourth night of their sold-out NYC performance:

The Jonas Brothers perform “Happiness Begins” hits on Broadway that they had “never played before.”

The JoBros were portrayed by three actors who performed a reading before they took the stage. The reading detailed the period leading up to their reunion as brothers as a group, which was captured in their 2019 documentary “Chasing Happiness.”

In comparison to New York’s Radio City Music Hall, which has 5,960 seats and can accommodate more than three times as many people, the audience, which was primarily made up of millennial-aged women wearing “I Heart Nick Jonas” and “I Heart Joe Jonas” shirts, cherished the intimate nature of the space.

The Jonas Brothers divided their performance into two parts: “Happiness Starts” and all of their other hits, both from the group as a whole and from some of their different side projects. The opening song of the first half was “Sucker,” which was also the song they used to close out their Miami performance for the start of the 2019 Happiness Starts Tour.

Can anyone tell which one we haven’t played before? Joe questioned. Reaction: “Trust.”

Love Her, a ballad, was also performed live for the first time.

“Of course, entering the room was the magical part. This following song was the first one that the three of us collaborated on, even though we wrote some songs separately for the brothers “explained Nick. “This song kind of wonderfully captures what we mean when we talk about meeting each other where we were at that particular moment. And we’ve never performed it live.”

Hesitate is Joe Jonas’ ode to his wife Sophie Turner.

Joe paused for a moment to thank his wife for letting him write the wonderful song “Hesitate” before starting it.

“Where are you, Sophie? Not much to say except that I love you “Joe remarked.

“I’ll take your suffering and carry it on my heart. I won’t think twice / Just let me know where to begin, “He sang softly to her.

Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas, the J-Sisters, perform in the crowd.

Just before the event began, security hastily ushered the J-Sisters, also known as the wives of each of the Jonas Brothers, into the theatre. While her supporters were talking loudly about her entry, Danielle Jonas waved to them. Screams broke out as Chopra and Turner were making their way to their seats, almost as loud as the cries for their spouses.

Danielle Jonas sang along to popular songs like “I Believe” while mingling with the crowd and supporters at the orchestra level. Turner, in a white furry coat, and Chopra, in a leather jacket, danced and sang along in the first row of the mezzanine, with Turner getting particularly enthusiastic during her husband’s “Cake By the Ocean” performance.

And tomorrow, we’re going to meet Bowser, Joe said in jest.

Which is why, Nick remarked, “We’re so grateful that you’re singing along tonight.”

With that words, he might have unintentionally cursed the evening. Nick was overcome by the opening lyric of the group’s song “Trust,” which they claimed to never having performed live.

Stop,” Nick said. “No, you guys, we’re not going down like that tonight. Not at all. We haven’t had a single snag all week, and tonight we’re going to ace this test. Let’s begin from the top!”

The song was resumed by the band, with Nick delegating the first verse to the audience (“Now it’s on you, sing it out”) before returning for the second verse.

Having fun with his “Broadway debut,” Kevin Jonas

The playbill for the performance stated that both Nick and Joe had Broadway backgrounds: Joe was making “his return to Broadway for the first time since 2002’s ‘La Bohème,'” while Nick “began his professional career in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ at the Marquis Theatre with Reba McEntire in 2001.” a significant newcomer? Kevin.

Crowd erupts during “Year 3000” and “Burnin’ Up” live performances

The hit songs that made Nick, Kevin, and Joe household names were featured in the second half of the performance.

The brothers performed “Lovebug,” off their album “A Little Bit Longer,” after the intermission (represented with three umbrellas like the ones seen on the album cover, suspended above the stage). The trio transformed the stadium rock style of “When You Look Me In the Eyes” into a penetrating, eye-level look at the dramatic ballad. The Disney Channel banger “Year 3000” drove the crowd to the next level. Everyone chanted along to the rap segment of “Burnin’ Up” without hesitation (which they reminded fans that they wrote with their father, Paul).

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