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José Andrés and his daughters explore Spain in a new show: ‘We value the power of family.’

If you want to learn about Spain and its food scene this winter, you won’t have to leave your couch.

In the new six-part series “José Andrés and Family in Spain,” José Andrés and his daughters Carlota, Inés, and Lucia take viewers on a journey through their father’s homeland, which premieres on Discovery+ on December 27.

“I believe we all went through this pandemic as a family. And I believe that this is a time when we value the power of family, but also the power of travelling and discovering “Andrés explains.

They immerse themselves in food and culture, with the following highlights:

Andrés returned to Barcelona and Catalonia for a reunion stop at the famed El Bulli, where he had a “big break.”
Andalusia for renowned bluefin tuna and flamenco dancing.
Madrid for street food, cookies made for royalty, suckling lamb, and Iberico ham, widely regarded as the best in the world.
Paella lessons and a competition in Valencia.
Asturias, Andrés’ birthplace, is known for its seafood, cheesemaking, and other activities.

“After this experience, I appreciate everything my father does even more.” “Carlota Andrés informs USA TODAY by email. “He’s always been so busy, but it was really clear from doing this show together that family is still so important to him, and him being able to put that first even though he has so much going on.”

“Life gets hectic, and these moments don’t always come along,” Inés says. “But when you’re on the road with someone, there’s a lot of laughter, and things don’t always go as planned, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Andrés encourages other families to immerse themselves in food and culture.

“Sometimes you don’t need to travel far. This can occur in your own city “he claims. “‘Go out there,’ this is the message. Bring your closest family members or friends, or simply go alone. And go out into the world to discover it.'”

Even if you are unable to fly, the act of eating and drinking can help you experience the world.

“Food is a way to travel even if you don’t have the money or time,” Andrés explains. “You can close your eyes, open a bottle of wine, and travel to other worlds.”

But food’s significance extends beyond exploration for Andrés.

“You could argue that food is more than life, but you could also argue that life is food,” Andrés says.

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