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Judge orders Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to take a paternity test.

Jerry Jones’ only issue isn’t the NFC playoff race.

A Texas judge ordered the Dallas Cowboys owner to take a paternity test in a case involving a woman who sued him earlier this year.

Alexandra Davis, 26, filed a lawsuit against Jones in March, claiming the billionaire was her father and had been paying her and her mother hush money for years.

Jones denied being her biological father. Davis dropped the lawsuit in April, but he continued to sue Jones for paternity.

Davis claimed in her initial lawsuit that Jones and her mother, Cynthia, met in the mid-1990s and began a relationship that resulted in her birth on December 16, 1996.

Jones and Cynthia Davis struck a deal in which he paid her $430,000 in three instalments and established two trusts for Alexandra, according to the lawsuit. The agreement stated that if either Cynthia or Alexandra claimed Jones was the father, financial support would be terminated.

In that agreement, Jones did not admit to being Alexandra’s father. According to the suit, the two have never met.

Davis filed the paternity claim against Jones shortly after dropping her lawsuit. Associate Judge T. Jones Abendroth ruled on Thursday that, “after careful consideration,” she would order Jones to undergo genetic testing.

Jones and his wife, Gene, have three children and have been married since 1963.

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