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Lainey Wilson discusses her ‘Yellowstone’ acting debut, as well as her sizzling romance: ‘Wild and crazy love,’ they say.

Lainey Wilson’s first paid showbiz gig as a high school student in Baskin, Louisiana (population 211), was performing as TV’s Hannah Montana on a flatbed trailer stage.

The 30-year-old country music singer-songwriter recalls the surreal feeling she had performing her song “Watermelon Moonshine” for a scene in Paramount’s “Yellowstone” – on a flatbed trailer in Montana – years later.

“I’m back on this flatbed stage, but not in my Hannah Montana wig. And I thought, dang, this is coming full circle for me “Wilson claims “I’m also singing ‘Watermelon Moonshine,’ a song about wild, young love.”

Wilson, who made her acting debut as free-spirited musician Abby on the Season 5 premiere of “Yellowstone” last month, says her love is only getting wilder and crazier.

The “Moonshine” performance was featured on Sunday’s episode of TV’s No. 1 show, before Abby steps down from the flatbed stage to spark a passionate romance with hunky ranch hand Ryan (Ian Bohen), who works for Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, now Montana’s governor.

Wilson made up for her lack of experience in her first screen kiss with the same determination and enthusiasm that has sparked country music’s 2022 breakout star. The atmosphere is smoky.

“I had no idea what I was doing, but you go in there head first. I planned to give people their money’s worth “Wilson claims “‘You might not want to watch this show,’ I warned my parents. I don’t want to be on their list of people to pray for.”

Wilson expresses her gratitude to “Yellowstone” creator and executive producer Taylor Sheridan, a longtime supporter who featured her song “Working Overtime” in Season 2’s first episode before she even had a recording contract.

Her music was frequently featured in the Paramount series before Sheridan took it to the next level. In February, he told Wilson that he wanted to create the Abby character specifically for the bell-bottoms-adoring performer.

“(Sheridan) said he wanted me to be myself, which is a dream come true, especially when you’re trying to meet new people,” Wilson says. “At the time, all he told me was that I’d play a musician who fell in love with one of the boys. He didn’t even say which one.”

Wilson’s dream job was almost derailed by a devastating family health saga: her father, Brian, was admitted to the intensive care unit with a fungal infection. Wilson’s father insisted on going to work from his hospital bed.

“‘I don’t care if it’s my funeral,’ he said. You should go do your job if you have one. And don’t return until it’s finished.’ “Wilson claims “I prepared my belongings. That gave me the courage to go ahead with it. But I won’t lie: after shooting my scene, I’d go to the corner and cry a little.”

Wilson’s first “Yellowstone” scene was set against the abrasive Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), which added to the tension. Reilly, a Wilson fan, was more supportive.

“When I first met her, I told her, ‘I thought you were going to put me in a headlock,'” Wilson says. “But we got along swimmingly. She even gave me handcrafted bath salts.”

During that friendly scene, Abby vowed she would never date a cowboy again. In recent episodes, however, there have been sparks and a smile-filled dance between Abby and bunkhouse fixture Ryan, flirtations that turned into full-fledged flames Sunday.

Wilson won’t say how long they’ll be together, but she admits she’s had to learn to kiss despite the impediment of wide-brimmed cowboy hats. “It’s definitely about leaning to one side; angles are so important,” Wilson says. “And there will be another kiss where I remove my hat. When you reach that point, you know you’ve arrived.”

The country singer is keeping busy with her burgeoning music career. Wilson took her then-recovered father as her date to the CMA Awards on Nov. 9, four days before the “Yellowstone” season premiere, where she won top new artist and female vocalist.

“Yellowstone” is a near-weekly preview of her new album, “Bell Bottom Country,” which was released on October 28. Wilson has announced a 27-city tour that will begin in January.

“The incredible thing is that we’re only getting started. We’re working hard just to make ourselves work harder. Now it’s time to get our hands dirty “Wilson claims “I’m trying new things, including my first acting role, ‘Yellowstone.’ I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

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