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Madonna calls Tennessee’s rules on gender-affirming care and drag events “unfounded and sad.”

Madonna is raising awareness about recent Tennessee laws that discriminate against the LGBT population.

Madonna commented on Tennessee’s new laws prohibiting gender-affirming medical care and “adult-oriented” entertainment, including “male and female impersonators,” from being performed on public property, as well as similar bills that have been introduced across the nation, in a press release issued on Monday.

The discrimination of LGBTQ+ people, according to Madonna, “is not just unacceptable and inhumane; it also creates a hazardous environment.” It puts our most defenceless individuals, particularly trans women of colour, in peril in America.

Also, Madonna revealed that her upcoming Celebration Tour, which begins in July, will now include a stop in Nashville. Bob the Drag Queen, a drag queen and former contestant on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” will perform with her on December 22.

“These laws that purport to protect our children are sad and unjustified. Nobody who has half a brain would (mess) with a drag queen, “Madonna kept going. When Bob and I celebrate the beauty of the queer community in Nashville, we’ll see you from the stage.

Musicians other than Madonna are opposing Tennessee’s contentious drag show law. Last week, at a performance at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena for “Love Rising,” an all-star charity concert for LGBTQ causes, country singer Maren Morris criticised the law. “Today I took my youngster to see some drag queens. Hence, Tennessee, arrest me immediately “Morris remarked. I simply want to leave this world for him a little bit better than the one we’re in right now because he is growing up here as a Nashvillian.

With Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s recent signature on a bill barring drag performances on public land, which was passed earlier this month, Madonna and Morris’ remarks are in response to the measure. The text forbids “adult-oriented” entertainment that is bad for kids, including performances by “male and female impersonators.”

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