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Matthew McConaughey admits that during a period of intense turbulence on a Lufthansa aircraft, he didn’t fasten his seatbelt.

After being on the Lufthansa flight that encountered extreme turbulence on March 1, hospitalising seven passengers, Matthew McConaughey is prepared to talk about the “hairiest flight I’ve ever had by far.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Kelly Ripa’s SiriusXM “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, McConaughey said he was experiencing “suspended disbelief” throughout the event.

“There is no gravity. Your glass of red wine, your red wine, and the dishes that held your dinner are all still and hovering in midair. And to stare at it for that long—1, 2, 3, 4, though it wasn’t that long—before everything simply collapses, “He remembered. “That gave me a serious scare. I have no current method to regain control of this circumstance; I feel completely out of control and 100% certain that “I am not in charge.””

It was planned for Lufthansa flight 469 to travel from Austin, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany, in just under ten hours. The Airbus A330, which had 174 passengers on board, reached a particularly bad airstrip around 90 minutes into the flight and made a U-turn for Washington-Dulles International Airport.

During Ripa’s podcast, McConaughey discussed putting his wife’s safety first.

“It was my tray table that kept me in place. There was no seatbelt warning just prior to it happening, and I was not wearing a seatbelt “He clarified. “I simply reached over and checked that Camila was wearing her seatbelt. Just holding hands and asking, “OK, is that it? Is there going to be another one? A second one did arrive.”

The actor remembered a range of responses from “dead silence” to tense “huge bursts of laughing” from passengers on the aircraft.

He continued, “By far, it was the hairiest flight I’ve ever had.”

Because he and his wife were travelling with a friend who also happened to be a pilot, McConaughey felt more at peace. He was as composed as possible, McConaughey remarked. “”These things are so tested,” he said, “that yes, don’t worry, the plane structurally can handle (the sudden altitude drop).” The relief was immense.”

In general, turbulent air is air that is unstable and travels in an unpredictable way. The majority of people relate it to powerful storms. However, clear-air turbulence, which can be challenging to foresee and frequently does not give a visible warning in the sky ahead, is the most hazardous form.

During flying, turbulence is a fairly normal occurrence, but severe turbulence events are on the rise, in part because of climate change, and experts say it’s more crucial than ever to stay seated and buckled up during flight for your personal safety and the protection of other passengers.

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