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M&M’s spokescandies are ‘back for good’ following the debut of Maya Rudolph’s Super Bowl ad.

Maya Rudolph debuted as M&M’s new spokesperson during a Super Bowl commercial for “Ma&Ya’s Candy Coated Clam Bites,” but was quickly replaced by the original candy mascots in a postgame “press conference.”

Rudolph referred to the “Candy Coated Clam Bites” in the first commercial, which featured human actors dressed in the colours of the original spokescandies. The red M&M appeared briefly behind Rudolph, holding a “HELP” sign.

Her time as the brand’s face, however, was brief. The original spokescandies held a press conference to announce their return in a follow-up ad.

“This is what I was made for,” the purple M&M said in the commercial. “I mean, my options as a walking, talking candy are pretty limited.”

Last year, the orange M&M, who was rebranded as a mental health advocate, expressed his anxiety.

After M&Ms revamped the characters’ appearances to be more “inclusive” last year, the “spokescandies” that had long represented the brand were embroiled in controversy.

Because their outfits were swapped out for less traditionally feminine attire, the two female M&M’s became a flashpoint in the culture war. The brown M&M’s stilettos were replaced with pumps, while the green M&M’s iconic heeled go-go boots were replaced with white sneakers. However, many social media users jokingly demanded the return of “sexy M&M’s.”

The mascots faced new criticism this year after the brand’s “Flip the Status Quo” campaign, which featured limited-edition bags featuring female “spokescandies” to support women in creative industries. Fox News host Tucker Carlson denounced the “woke M&M’s” in a recent broadcast.

When M&M’s announced last month that it would take a “indefinite pause” from using its “polarising” anthropomorphized candy mascots in favour of a “spokesperson America can agree on,” Rudolph took their place. Many online speculated that the announcement was a teaser for a Super Bowl commercial.

The spokescandies announced on Sunday that they are back for good. “I can’t believe we were actually put on hold,” said the red M&M.

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