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More than ten people were injured when a large wave slammed into a popular snorkelling spot in Hawaii.

According to the Honolulu Emergency Services Department, more than ten people were injured at Sharks Cove on Oahu’s North Shore when a 10-foot wave hit the tide pool, which is one of the island’s most popular diving and snorkelling spots.

According to Shayne Enright, the agency’s spokesperson, the incident occurred on Thursday afternoon while Ocean Safety was patrolling the area by jet ski. The wave “caught everyone off guard” as it washed over the rocky ledge that protects the tide pool, dragging some out to sea and others into the rocks.

Lifeguards rescued a 12-year-old girl and her mother after they were swept out to sea. They were brought to Waimea Bay, which is nearby.

Ten people were treated for injuries by lifeguards and medical personnel. Three people were taken to the hospital, one in critical condition and two in stable condition: an 18-year-old woman with a possible head injury and lacerations and abrasions, a 16-year-old girl with lacerations, and a 22-year-old woman with lacerations and abrasions.

The cove is protected by a natural breakwater and is shallow. It’s a popular snorkelling or reef-walking spot because of the sharp rocks. The water is deeper at the cove’s mouth, with underwater caves and rock formations.

“Ocean Safety officials want to remind the public to exercise extreme caution when near the shoreline on Oahu’s north shore during the high surf season,” Enright said. “A wave can catch you off guard at any time and endanger your life.”

The North Shore of Oahu is famous for its ferocious waves. The island’s north-facing shores are under a high surf advisory, with waves reaching 18 to 22 feet.

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