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Nassau County District Attorney George Santos is being investigated.

The top law enforcement official in Nassau County has launched an investigation into Rep.-elect George Santos for the extensive lies he admitted to peddling during his campaign.

“The numerous fabrications and inconsistencies associated with Congressman-elect Santos are nothing short of astounding,” Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly said. “No one is above the law, and we will prosecute any crime committed in this county.”

According to CBS News, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn are also looking into Santos. According to the report, they are investigating Santos’ finances, including his financial disclosure filings.

Santos, 34, admitted to making false statements about working at Goldman Sachs, graduating from New York University, and being Jewish, among other things.

“I’m not going to make excuses for it, but a lot of people overstate in their résumés, twist a little bit, or ingratiate themselves,” Santos said earlier this week. “I’m not denying that I’m guilty of it.”

Santos, a Republican, has said he will not relinquish his seat representing New York’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes eastern Queens and Long Island. Santos will be sworn in next Tuesday if he does not resign.

Donnelly, a Republican, suggested she might have something to say about it.

“The people of Nassau County and the rest of the Third Congressional District need an honest and accountable representative in Congress,” she said Wednesday night.

Despite his party’s slim majority in the House, fellow Long Island Republican Rep.-elect Nick LaLota was not thrilled with Santos’ election.

“I believe a full investigation by the House Ethics Committee and, if necessary, law enforcement is required,” LaLota said before Donnelly announced her investigation on Tuesday.

Last week, the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James stated that it would investigate any legal issues related to Santos’ lies.

Santos’ Democratic opponent in the November election, Robert Zimmerman, has called on him to resign, triggering a special election.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the leading candidate to succeed Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker when Republicans take over next week, has yet to comment on the Santos scandal. Neither has his presumed replacement, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.).

Other Republicans in Congress have expressed disappointment in Santos but have stopped short of calling for his resignation. Santos must “pursue a path of honesty” in the future, according to Rep.-elect Anthony D’Esposito, who will also represent a portion of Nassau County.

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