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Netflix will stop its DVD rental programme this year and crack down on password sharing.

The termination of its DVD rental programme and a crackdown on password sharing in the US are the two significant changes that Netflix announced on Tuesday will take place this year.

After introducing the feature in four countries and being “pleased with the results,” the streaming service announced it would debut a paid sharing option by the end of June in the United States, according to an earnings report. Each subscriber will now have to pay an additional cost if they want to share their account with someone outside of their family under the new system.

Also, the DVD rental service offered by Netflix, which sent out its first movie in 1998, will come to an end this year.

The company stated on Tuesday that while offering the greatest service to subscribers has always been a priority, doing so will becoming harder as the DVD market continues to contract.

How does the paid sharing plan on Netflix operate?

In Latin America, Netflix began experimenting with several revenue models last year.

The business debuted its “purchase an extra member” option in February in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain.

Each account must have a principal location under the new strategy. Then, for an extra cost, members to the standard and premium plans can add a “sub account” for a maximum of two persons who don’t live in their house.

According to a statement from February, subscribers can still access a new TV at a hotel or vacation rental or watch Netflix on the go using their own devices.

A Netflix account is meant for one household, according to the company’s statement from February. Today, more than 100 million homes share accounts, which has an influence on our capacity to spend on fantastic new TV and movies.

End of Netflix’s DVD strategy
Netflix said that on September 29 it will stop renting DVDs after 25 years of doing so.

According to the company’s Tuesday report, “DVD cleared the way for streaming, ensuring that so much of what we started will continue long into the future.” “We feel so fortunate to have shared movie nights with our DVD members for so long,” said the couple.

What DVD plans does Netflix have?
Three tiers are available for the DVD plan from Netflix.

One disc can be rented at a time under the $9.99 basic package.
There can be two disc rentals at once with the $14.99 basic package.
The maximum number of disc rentals under the $19.99 premium plan is three.
Blu-rays and DVDs are both covered by all three packages. The plans can be either purchased separately on Netflix’s DVD.com or added to an existing Netflix streaming account.

Later this year, according to Netflix, the website will be shut down.

How much does Netflix cost per month?
Netflix’s streaming services have monthly prices that range from roughly $7 to slightly under $20, according to its website.

Ad-supported basic: $6.99 per month. Users are allowed to watch advertisements on a single compatible device at a time.
Simple: $9.99 a month. One device at a time is allowed for customers to watch and download content.
Typical: $15.49 a month. Two devices can simultaneously view or download for customers.
Monthly premium: $19.99. Clients can download on six devices and watch on four devices simultaneously.

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